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Fiss realises the sale of an Italpresse TF 2700 die casting cell and its dismantling and transport

12/6/2021 | News

In autumn 2021, fiss machines will start implementing the dismantling of an Italpresse TF 2700 for export.

Partial overhauling of Italpresse IP 750 SC cold chamber die casting machine

12/1/2021 | News

Year: 2002, incl. Italpresse VS-2 ALL. metal loader, for aluminium die casting

Fiss sells used die casting machines to Turkey: Two Buhler Carat 280 compact went on the road

11/30/2021 | News

On behalf of a customer, fiss machines routinely dismantled, packed and shipped two Buhler Carat 280 compact in assemblies to Turkey in 2021.

function controlled Wollin PSM 2 F spraying machine

6/16/2021 | News

Year: 2007, operator panel: SC1, 2 axis, stroke vertical: 1300 mm, stroke horizontal: 1000 mm, for DCM range 400 - 750 t, without spraying tool and without lubrication container

Bühler Evolution B 420 D successfully relocated from Germany to Korea and Vietnam

6/2/2020 | News

In 2020, fiss machines expertly dismantled two Bühler die casting machines with a clamping force of 4200 t, disassembled them, and shipped them in subassemblies to Korea and Vietnam.